A Note from Pastor Roy

A Note from Pastor Roy

Dear NHCBC Family,

I am so grateful that God has called us here to pastor and shepherd this congregation, and I’ll be pursuing this call with much prayer. Naturally, we’re quite excited, but even more than my own excitement, God himself is building his very own family of sons and daughters throughout time and in this age, so that we can know him as Father, declare his great works, and love each other as brothers and sisters. This is ministry!

The work of ministry has its joys and celebrations, but it is often very hard work—ministry is service, and service is work—so we must each prepare ourselves for excellence in the worship and service of our great God and Father. We want to bring excellence into everything we are, everything we do, and everything we’re becoming, and that is the beautiful standard that we hold each other to, seasoned with grace and with all the fruit of the Spirit. This is the greatest work of the ages, and we are not alone, because God has given us his own Spirit to energize us and to create us anew in his image.  

Please come and worship with us. I want to get to know all of you better, and I would love to worship and serve alongside each of you. I want to personally invite you to please join us; let’s worship God together! And what better time to enjoy this new adventure together than the beginning of summer. As new life is blossoming, birds are singing, the sun is shining, and our neighbors are venturing outside more often, we can be inspired by the Creator who animates life and brings about newness on every level. Newness is here, and newness is coming. We serve a creative God and a loving Father, so let’s celebrate him together. Let’s stand in awe of him together. Let’s grow together, and let’s learn together to explore the depths of an intimate relationship with Him.

Let us love God, love one another, and grow together!

In His Service,

Roy Kindelberger