From the Church

North Hills Community Baptist Church (NHCBC) believes that, because we have been claimed by Jesus Christ, life will never be the same again. So we want to know Him more! In order to do this, throughout the week we gather for worship, discipleship, and fellowship, and we engage in a full schedule—Bible studies, choirs, prayer groups, dinners, youth groups, worship, mission work.

We are a fellowship of many different people, from diverse backgrounds, tied together by our love for Jesus Christ, all imperfect and “in process.” Our church family stretches from McCandless to Mars, from Pittsburgh to Pine, and from West View to Wexford, from over 20 different zip codes. Our youth group represents six different school districts in the Pittsburgh area.

Our Mission

Together we are learning, day by day, to live according to Jesus’ words: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart… Love your neighbor as yourself…” With these two commands, we begin to understand what it means to worship (love God) and serve (love neighbor). And we are learning to love as brothers and sisters! As a family, we serve God individually and together through:

  • Seeking and following the direction of the Holy Spirit
  • Living our lives as exemplified by Jesus Christ
  • Worshiping God
  • Sharing the good news of God’s love and forgiveness
  • Teaching God’s word and making disciples
  • Serving the people God brings into our lives

Our Vision / Beliefs

Our Vision. The Vision of NHCBC is simply to love God, love others, and grow together. This is based on the Great Commandment that Jesus gave us: to love God with all that we are and to love our neighbors as ourselves (to love as Jesus has loved us).

Because Baptists do not use a creed to which every member must subscribe, the sole authority for our faith and practice is the Bible itself. Years ago, a Christian scholar affirmed this principle, which is a fitting motto for NHCBC: “In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity.” Generally speaking, there are basic beliefs to which we hold:

Our Beliefs. We believe in one God, who is perfect and completely loving, good, and holy, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Spirit. Gracious in his eternal purpose to redeem a people for himself, God is worthy of wholehearted love and worship.

We believe in God the Father, the almighty Creator of heaven and earth and a tender father to his creation. We believe that Jesus Christ our Lord is the Word made flesh—fully God and fully man. We believe in the divinity of the Spirit who indwells the believer and convicts of sin, comforts, teaches, bestows spiritual gifts, and enables the believer to live a holy life.

We believe that salvation is God’s gracious act of rescue whereby he delivers lost and sinful people through faith in Him. Because of his great love, God makes people spiritually alive in Christ through regeneration by the Spirit. And believers are the children of God, the church, whose mission is to make disciples of all nations and to be salt and light in the world. And we believe in the resurrection of the dead!