I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God while I live.

Psalm 104:33

The focus of the music ministry at North Hills Community Baptist Church is to passionately worship God, share the good news, serve others, and to help usher God’s people into His presence through song. The music ministry has a home for all musicians: from youth to adult, instrumental to vocal, and solo to ensemble.

Visitors can expect to sing passionate praises to God with an enthusiastic congregation and praise band, to listen to a choir that is dedicated in service, to experience a variety of special music performances, and to enjoy a blended worship. Most importantly, we want you to experience a sense of God’s presence!

Check out the Music Calendar for details on rehearsals and performances.


The NHCBC Choir is a core component to the weekly worship experience.  All levels are welcomed in this three tiered choral ministry and includes Frauencore (women’s choir), Men’s Choir, A Capella Ensemble, and NHCBC choir.

The NHCBC adult choir is made up of men and women of all skill levels that performs September to May. The weekly anthem reflects the diversity of styles that the music ministry embraces. The choir sings at the 11:00 a.m. service. Rehearsals are 6:30-8:00 p.m. on Thursdays. 

Frauencore: The NHCBC Frauencore’s name is derived from the German word “Frauenchor” meaning Women’s Chorus.  This ensemble made up of women ages fourteen and up and of all skill levels is a branch of the Women’s Ministry; CORE.  Hence, the unique name: Frauencore.  Frauencore serves as the choir during the Sunday Service two to three times a year when the regular choir is not scheduled.

Men’s Choir: The NHCBC Men’s Choir is similar in format to the Frauencore. It is comprised of men ages fourteen and up and of all skills level. They serve as the choir during the Sunday worship service two to three times a year when the regular choir is not scheduled.

A Capella Ensemble: The NHCBC A Capella Ensemble is a unique choir because it provides an opportunity to explore challenging music. The A Capella Ensemble is always changing in members since the repertoire is the determining factor of membership. Each piece requires a different choir. Similar to Frauencore and Men’s Choir, the A Capella Ensemble serves as the choir during the Sunday worship service two to three times a year when the regular choir is not scheduled.

Praise Band, Song Leaders, and Video Techs:

The Praise Band, Song Leaders  and Video Technicians are the heart of the congregational music at NHCBC. This dedicated group of volunteers and musicians lead worship through song and prayer with assistance of  volunteer video technicians. Rehearsals are on Sunday morning at 9:00 A.M. and on a monthly basis September through May.  Rehearsals are only Sunday mornings during the summer months.

To discover more about Praise Band and Song Leaders, contact the Director of Music Ministries:

If interested in learning more about Video Technicians contact the Production Manager:

Special Music Musicians:

Special Music musicians perform on Sundays and ancillary services that are unique to the church calendar (Rally Day, Christmas Eve, Easter, etc). From individuals to small groups to ensemble, instrumental to vocal; there is a variety of opportunities to serve and praise God on these unique worship services. Special music musicians create a celebratory experience to the great narration of the Christian calendar.

Rally Day: This is the kick-off for the beginning of the new Christian Education year. A return to the 11:00 service time is accentuated with the return of the NHCBC choirs.

Music Appreciation Sunday: The last month of the choir season is May and is emphasized with a service of thanksgiving to all those that serve in the music ministry and to the one who has bestowed these gifts.

Youth Sunday: The junior and senior high youth lead all aspects of this service of praise and worship. It includes pre-service music led by the youth.

Lent and Easter: This season is marked with a change in musical style and offers distinctive musical opportunities to invite the Holy Spirit in so that all may come closer to the cross. Easter is proclaimed through the addition of pre-service music similar to Christmas Eve.

Advent, Children’s Pageant Sunday and Christmas Eve: The four weeks of Advent are celebrated through the Children’s Pageant and a variety of unique music that highlights the anticipated birth of the Messiah. Along with an evening full of congregational and choral music, Christmas Eve includes a half hour of pre-service music to prepare the worshiper for the candle light service and to proclaim the coming Counselor.

Christian Education Sunday: The second Sunday in June is a worship service devoted to the youth sharing what they have learned in Sunday school the past year. The youth share the word through song and drama. Similar to Rally Day, pre-service music is part of preparing the congregation to be open to the Spirit.

Hymn of the Week

A “Hymn of the Week” will be posted weekly, on Thursdays. This public domain hymn will be part of our Sunday Worship Service. Check them out here.

Join Us!

If you’re interested in contributing to the music ministries at NHCBC, please contact the Director of Music Ministries for more information