Hymn of the Week: To God be the Glory

Hymn of the Week: To God be the Glory

Greetings my NHCBC family! I love this week’s hymn because it reminds me of a letter. We don’t write letters to inanimate objects instead we put pen and paper together because there is a relationship between the sender and receiver. “To God be the Glory” is a poetic letter of praise, of reminiscing of the great things God has done and ending in verse 3 with “I’ll see you soon. Love, Your Child”.

This week is the Ascension. The disciples question if this is the time that the kingdom will be restored. Christ is taken from the disciples sight. Without Christ, physically there, the relationship seems distant because they can’t see or be with Jesus. However, this is very far from the truth!

“To God be the Glory” was written by blind author, poet and missionary, Fanny Crosby. We could easily assume that she felt disconnected to those around her and to God because of vision situation. But she didn’t live alone in darkness instead she knew the promise of restoration that was to be her inheritance.

“When I get to Heaven, the first face that shall ever gladden my sight will be that of my Savior.” -Fanny Crosby.

Her collection of hymns and poems are letters that connect us to Christ, to each other and to the promise of the coming kingdom.