Pack a Lunch to Feed the Homeless

Pack a Lunch to Feed the Homeless

Save the Date – ALL are Invited to Pack a Lunch to Feed the Homeless

This all-church event will be held Sunday, April 14, 2024. Immediately following worship, please come to Fellowship Hall for a quick lunch, followed by an assembly line style prep/packing party. We will make two kinds of sandwiches, and bag water bottles, fruit bars, snack bags, one dessert/snack item and some fresh fruit to feed at least 50 homeless.

The Youth will then take these bags and deliver to those on the streets of Pittsburgh,
delivering compassion and the love of Jesus.

This is a church wide event where everyone can play a part. If you cannot be in attendance that afternoon, you can help donate some needed items, such as loaves of bread, lunchmeat, cheese, bananas, oranges, brown paper bags, or cash.

PLEASE RSVP your attendance by April 7th to the church office, so we know how many to
prepare lunch for. If you would like to donate an item, please contact Amy Mendicino at
(412) 855-8244.

CASH DONATIONS may be made directly through the offering, but mark all payments Missions – Homeless Lunch.

Won’t you come be the Hands and Feet of Jesus for literally 2 hours or less during this church-wide event?